Saturday, April 19, 2008

The Orange Machine

(Right click on photo, click "open in new window" to enlarge image)

Wow . . . it's . . . it's . . . A Carrot? . . . or an orange time trial frame. One day I'll perfect brazing and have minimal clean-up. Lots of filing, and sanding . . . not too bad though. It's straight and aligned. I'm progesively getting better. I think the nextframe I should have down how big of a heat patch I need to get the seamless look. You can't tell by the picture, and while it's not as obvious as my other frame, but you can still tell a bit.
Good O'l Krylon primer and Ace brand paint. I finshed it with 120 grit, but I probably should have with 320. It's ok for an R&D project.
I couldn't decide if I wanted to keep the seat mast or not because it's not really functional, so I kept it and added a 3rd H20 braze-on to it to make it functional. . . .and yes those are bolts brazed to the frame because I ran out of braze-ons. I drilled the holes small enough so it I do have to use proper braze-ons I still can. . . . Just a little magic of Krylon.
I'll build it up tonight, and take it out tommorow.

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