Thursday, May 29, 2008

About 3 minutes faster

Got to work this morning via the longview dam 3 minutes faster at about the same effort about 3 weeks ago. I'm not really riding all that much, but I seem to be getting better.
When I'm in shape it look like I average 151 BPM at around a 50 minute time. The fastest I've ever done the course is 49:07@162bpm. I didn't start out to set a record this morning, although at 48:00 when it looked like I could get under 50 minutes I pushed the pace a little more.


dmar836 said...

Is this the Longview Lake dam?

CurbDestroyer Chronicles said...

I have a 18 mile route that goes from my house, over the Longview dam, to Swope park, then to work.

It's not around Longview Lake. I do have times from last year and I'm going to time myself around the lake tomorrow. It's exactly 10 miles.