Saturday, May 31, 2008

The Longview Lake Lap

Last year I started keeping track of my lap times arounf the lake going clockwise, relative to my Heart Rate (HR). The loop is exactly 10 miles believe it of not. I've measure it with different computers and I always pretty much come up with the same distance.

This is the data I've been keeping. I always ride there and it takes about 25 minutes, so I get a 20 minute warm-up. "Max" is the maxium heart rate I achieved. I've been able to average 185 for entire races before. So 175 average, with a 185 max is pretty good I think. I did have to let off the gas a bit because . . . wouldn't you know . . . as the same time I'm going into the traffic circle some ride leaving the college parking lot was taking off. Ran right smack into Phil Todd. Well I didn't actually hit him, . . . we rode along talking for about 1/8 mile, we exchanged salutations and back on the gas I went.

The only riding I've been doing is riding to work and back, so I was surprised I posted the fastest time I have recorded. I also posted the highest average HR as well which reflects the volume of training I have been doing . . . about zilch.

I think I should be able to break the 25 minute barrier in about 1 month (24Mph), and then eventually 24 minutes breaking the 25 Mph barrier.

Since I'm going to try to beat the State West to East Crossing record (190.5 miles) it is nice to know that I can maintain a speed 1-1/2 Mph faster than the record. Sure 10 miles isn't 190.5. miles, but this is just the beginning. Before the record I'd like to get down 15 laps at same speed, or faster before we go for the record.

One thing to note is I will be able to use a disc wheel. Right now I'm using some cheap set of Mavics, who's name I don't feel like spelling at the moment.

I also still have to optimize my position on the bike. I was going to do that what? . . . a Month ago. I have to say that I also think my postion on the new bike has a lot to do with performances better then I was expecting. Last year I was using a road frame with TT bars. The problem with that was I could get the bars below my saddle far enough. A truly optimized position can only be accomplish on a frame built for Triathlons or Time Trials.


dmar836 said...

Did we interrupt you Sat am? Do you ever ride with that group? Some of those BikeShack guys are speedy!

dmar836 said...

Hey. I did see you! Looking back at your TT bike pics, I recognized the bottle cage on the back of the long ST. Interesting setup. You pulled in right in front of me in the roundabout.
What are your straight gauge tube frames weighing? I'm still wanting to do a "funny" TT frame with bent tubes. I have a good bender (jd2) but not one for rolling larger radii like on bike frames. Would be hesitant to try that with "select" butted tubes anyway.