Wednesday, June 25, 2008

It all Business

It's all business. It's the only bike I know of that you are more comfortable in the drops, then on the tops. But then I designed it that way. The seat tube is 52cm c-c, the top tube is 58cm. The seat angle is 77, and the head angle is 73. It's a TT bike with drop bars.

The top tube is 6cm longer than the seat tube. I tool some ideas from Moser's bicycle. Deep Drop and stretched out. I also figured in the dimensions from the TT frame I build as well. I think I could have gone longer. we will see. It's uncharted territory. Why build a bike with geometry for all around performance, If your building it for yourself, build it for a specific purpose.

The idea is to get a position a lot like this. Moser was KING of optimising the postion. If you look at my bike the drops are right above my tire.
Ahhh . . . the Surly dropouts . . . they are what makes the whole fixed gear to geared transition possible. Great Idea.

Brakes, Schmakes . . . I've had these brakes over 20 years, and guess what, they will put you over the bars. and believe it or not they are pretty light . . . BELIEVE IT!

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So let's get a ride update.