Wednesday, June 25, 2008

No.4 is almost done

It's almost done. I've set it up fixed gear until I get some cables. I also need a seat post. I have 11 seatposts . . . none are 26.8. I thought I had at least 2. I painted it "Sage Green". It's an appliance color. I guess there are a lot of appliances colored "Sage Green" . . . and now at least one bike.

I had the bars set up for my fixed gear bike still with the orange tape, then I found some old Blackburn purple cages . . . Hey, what do you know? . . . secondary colors.

I'll post some better pictures later. For some reason my camera doesn't work well inside. Here it is setup with 28c tires. I still need to drill the brake post hole.

I'll get the first ride in this morning and see how it goes. I'm experimenting with geometry here.

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dmar836 said...

Looks great! Is this what you'll ride Sat?