Friday, August 8, 2008

Down-Tubes Days

I put the seat tube at 76 degrees. If you have been following that's laid back for me after the TT frame at 78, and the road bike at 77.

When you get it dialed in it looks like this. If I wanted 76.2, I could have done that.

and then came along "Beans". and then along with other stuff i had to do so I joined the down tubes to the head tube in the dark.

So the next morning I got this. The seat tube and head tube are right where they are supposed to be, 76 degree seat tube and 71.5 head tube angle.

The bottom bracket area should make riding in the rain interesting.

Then this is how they join to the headtube. It was a real pain the way I went about this. After mitering both tubes I sandwiched them between two pieces of steel to keep them parallel to each other.

Oooops . . . what's that? The left tube is slightly higher than the right tube. Probably took me 2 hours to get this all together, but it was late, I was tired, and it was dark . . . so that's what you get I guess.
I gophers I view at it.
Well at least I figured out what I did wrong. I was using a collar and a host of c-clamps to hold everything in place. I guessing a got the collar upside down because it has one side that is about this far off. Well like I've always said don't braze in the dark . . . Tired
I could undo it, but the seat-tube and head-tube are spot on. I would start over if I was making it for someone else, but since it's just me I'll keep building. Odds are at this point I'll just make it worse trying to fix it. I mean what's important . . . the angles of the seat-tube, and head-tube are perfect, so this mistake is more cosmetic, than academic.

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