Friday, October 24, 2008

A night for a ride

Monster 1 is in the history book. The UnAbashed Cyclist and I had a nice night ride around Raytown. I expected a few more, but they were either sick, someone made plans for them, or they had to work.

George road delivered as expected. Pitch Black and Zero visability, and a BONUS . . . an invisible dog . . . "Do you see him"? Using or brains to complete the mathmatics of Dog Volume and bike speed we were able to determine we were always at a safe distance.

WestRidge had a little better visibility . . . but not much . . . No invisible dog. We did encounter a Hay ride though. and that reminds me as soon as we got of George Rd. there was a Monster Maze. . . . It's Halloween you know.

We made the 18 mile trip in about 1hr, 15min. enough time for a fun ride.

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The Unabashed Blogger said...

It a lot of fun. Maybe next time some more people will show up so we can impede traffic with a proper display of force! I am looking forward to more night rides.