Thursday, October 30, 2008

Not all H2O bottle cages are created equal

In an endless attempt to break my 50 mile route record, I'm getting the TT Bike prepared. I've been doing longer rides, nothing fast or competitive.

For 50 miles on a 50-60 degree day I'll take 4 bottles (3 on my bike, and 1 in the jersey pocket). and then I out them in . . . . Oppppps!

What's that about? They don't fit. How can this be? They used to fit at one time. It think . . . Maybe it was a dream.
Ahhhhhh Ha! . . . Not all H2O bottle cages are created equal.

These must be the cages I used. I would have thought if one set of cages fit, then they all would. I would have thought the standards would have been put on the cage manufactures since they also have a standard for the holes. This is evidence that there is not standard from the bottom bolt, and the bottom of the bottle.


The Unabashed Blogger said...

Since I am from the mtb background and generally don't care how I look, I wear a hydration pack. What benefits or disadvantages do you see about that in your type of cycling world? I don't think I've ever seen "roadie" types wearing them. Why is that?

CurbDestroyer Chronicles said...

The two main problems people have with CamelBaks are . . . First if you going to carry 60oz - 75oz of water, let the bike carry it instead of your back. Second they get hot on hot days. The advantage the camelBak does have is that they don't bounce loose. I don't mind using one on an MTB because I'm used to riding long distances with a back-Pack. My last MTB only had one cage. For races I'd have one in the cage and one in the jersey pocket (Two Total/50oz). For long group rides on the trail you can't pull over at the 7-11, so you have to carry it with you, so A camelBak makes sense in this case. I use a CamelBak on road rides sometimes just because. But usually I have 2 water bottles on the bike, one in my jersey pocket, and spare tube and such in a seat bag with a few dollars.

dmar836 said...

I have lost bottles at least twice on regular roads. Once in Springfield cooking back to my parents could have been bad as it bounced around me a bit. I dropped one on our 88 miler earlier this year but it was slippery with rain. Hit one just right and boink! IMO the rub on hot days without a CB is that I dehydrate easily and just can't carry enough H2O. Rationing usually ends up getting me. A launcher on back could store 2 more.

CurbDestroyer Chronicles said...

"A launcher on back could store 2 more."? Heck why not just carry an aquarium at that point. Last Sunday I could have used 4, I went with 3 and I finish the 3rd bottle with 5 miles to go . . . What better time to run out?