Saturday, November 1, 2008

Now vision for 50 Miles in 2:15

My 50 Mile/2hr, 30 min barrier has fallen. I haven't ridden a lot this year. I think I can ride this course in 2hr, 15min or faster if I was in shape.

I switched to my TT bike for this ride and never felt comfortable. I think I might have gone faster on a road bike. It's funny the difference between drop bars and Tri/TT bars. Usually it's me and my bike against the road, today I felt not only was I fighting the road, but the bike as well. I think My bars are too far down. My position isn't right, and I never fixed it from this spring.

I think in the end the longer rides and improved fitness helped me more than anything. Normally I would have been ready to pounce and kick ass on the last 5 miles (Iggy Pop)
but rather I felt like this guy below dreading the climb.
Who knows, with better fitness, and geting the position worked out I might be able to break 2hr, 15min for 50 miles.

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