Saturday, January 3, 2009

Good Grief! DISC Tabs!

Talk about reinventing the wheel. You would think fabricating a DISC brake tab would be easy. It is if you are planning a frame for just gears. However I have chosen to have a frame to accept gears and go single speed. Single speed with horizontal dropouts. The ideal mount will allow you to remove the wheel without taking the brake caliper off. After a week of plotting and planning I've come to the conclusion sending $10 to for one of these
is well worth the headache. Also I anticipate $150 for The Anvil "Feng Shui Baby" ISO Rear Disc Brake Tab Fixture

will be worth it if I had more than one frame to build. Heck I might even have to break down for this frame.
I don't remember where I got this picture, but I think this might be where I'm heading when i'm do. Right now I've got to go get some plate and start again.
Good to know I'm not alone. View the angst
Also here's all you need to know about the DISC Brake standards

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