Friday, February 27, 2009

Bridging The Gap

The Bridging the Gap people were showing Breaking away Thursday Night at UMKC.
So Bob and I went to go check it out. For more information on the Film Series click this
The film was good as always. So afterward we went to a local Coffee Shop, it was a nice night so we went out side and played a game of chess. Little did we know there were Chess Vultures hiding in the rafters. One of them came down and wanted to watch. Only thing is neither one of us really know all the rules and don't really care. (However Bob does have a beard, so if you have a beard you must be Chess Savy). We just wanted to have a nice time enjoying the nice air, and enjoy some conversation. So about half way through this guy is barking suggestions to us. Then the guy spills his coffee on my phone. So now this guy will now be known as "Spazzky". That's only funny if you know who Spassky is.
Nice Ash!
That's it.