Saturday, February 28, 2009

Snow? . . . of course!

2 days ago it was 70. Yesterday it was 30, today it's in the 20's and there is 3-1/2" of snow on the ground. Good thing I rode yesterday.

Went to a little town called Little Blue. It a little step back in time to 1842. I can't find a lot of info on this town.

Basically it's a little town with 3 store fronts. A Post Office (Right), something (Middle), and a Blacksmith (Left).

In the Post office window there are a few things on display

The Blacksmith is down on the other end. It's pretty much just a door.

If you haven't had the Rickey Road experience, heres a little Peek-See. Going up the hill just off Noland. There is an old foundation and stairs of sorts.

Probably at one time was a good view looking over Little Blue. The porch suggests that, since it's about the same size of the house.

This looks like it was the back wall to the old house.

I peek of the side of the wall. I guess weather, time, neglect took it's toll on this house. I know of 2 other houses like this that people still live in.

Rickey road has some turns to take at Freak Speed . . . Turns to test your tires adhesion.
But beware of the old bridge at the bottom. It look nice enough at speed.

The bridge has some tire snaggers. I found this out because about 5 years ago I came through at about 40+Mph and lost both bottles, my pump, and flated a tire. I thought someone hit me from the side with a rocket.


Anonymous said...

Little Blue. I know where that is.. That little area has a certain charm to it. I frequently ride through it.

A Pilgrim's Porridge said...

I think the foundation that you are referring to burnt down about 15 years ago. I remember them tearing it down. Some of the Kemper's live up the hill from Little Blue as well.

I met a gentleman that lived in that area once (in college we delivered furniture there) and he talked about the town. He says there is only four or five families that own the houses in that area. A very tight knit community.