Sunday, March 1, 2009

A day for the Snow Bike

What am I wining about the snow for? I have a snow bike! I mounted the 2.7" tires and hit the road. I found 2.7" tires at 30psi do everything I want them to do. On the snow I was even able to learn into the turns. If you have ever ridden on snow before you know how sometime the snow will grab your tire. I didn't experience any of that. I was able to ride where I wanted. I might get wider rims
However ice is still ice, and snow is snow. to get traction on ice you need studs.
While I was out, a passing neighbor was so enamored with my riding skill, he allowed me to pluck one from his case of Heineken .

A thin line between Snow and Ice.

Ice Train!

In the snow you would think I would get more honks from motorist because I'm "Riding on their Roads". But I found a lot of people will cheer you on. Usually if you pass people who are standing off to the side of the road you will hear "Go bike Man"! This was the same way this summer when gas went to $5 a gallon when I was "Sticking it to the man".

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dmar836 said...

Way to go! Did your derailleurs freeze up?