Monday, February 16, 2009

Swope Park Trails

I was able to get out for an hour yesterday so I went to the Swope Park Trails . You can get to them off Oldham road between 79th street and Hillcrest Road (Closer to Hillcrest) in Swope Park.

The enterance is right before the gate. The gate is closed sometimes and you might get the impression the trails are closed, but they are always open.

I thought the trails might be ridable. It rained two days ago. I've ridden in rain many times. It's usually raining though. There difference between riding in mud when it's raining, and when it's been sitting. This mud seems to Snow ball . . . How's that front deraileur working?

got mud? . . . Like I said it snow balls. Even getting off the bike and pushing it at this point didn't help. I just collected more mud every where.

Ahhhhhhh. On the sunny side it's was a total different story. It was even a little dry. I've ridden the trails on the other side. I thought they were good trails for the beginner, but this side of the trail presents a lot of challenges.

I cal this the entrarance to King Tut's Tomb.

Inside the tomb.

Do you take the trail, or the rock? Both way you have to navigate the trees. depends on what's on the other side.

I went back from where I came. and back and forth going over this section a couple times. However I'm not going though the mud again. I need to make like Steve McQueen in "The Great Escape".

I've spotted a point of refuge! It's a bar called Percy's.

. . . a hole in the bottom of the fence. (You can see how dry the trail is on that side by how clean my tires are.)

We're out.

Doeh! What bar opens at 5pm on Sunday? I thought I might some kind of information on this bar. Lengends & Lore. I found none.
I suspect this bar will get a lot of MTB traffic this summer. It's got an outdoor patio, beer, & food.


The Unabashed Blogger said...

I hate cleaning mud off my bike. It's probably why I don't mtb more often.

Matthew said...

Actually, you shouldn't ride when you HAVE to clean mud off of your bike. It damages trails and encourages erosion.