Saturday, February 14, 2009

Kansas City Brevet Series

Looks like 2 rides in March. I wanted to do these last year, but life got in the way. Maybe I'll loosen up this year.
Note: the 1000k starts this year in Santa Fe, NM

If you do the 200k, 300k, 400k, 600k, and 1000k you get a special pin and you qualify for Paris-Brest-Paris. Not that I'd go to Paris, but who knows.
Paris Brest Paris isn't exactly a race, it's what 'They" call Randonnering. Basically a non-stop, self supported ride. That ends up as a race in the end . . . like any other group ride I think I've been on.
One interesting note Scott Dickson from Kansas City has finished PBP 7 times, won 3 times, and used to (or still does) hold the Record time 43hr, 20min. Who Knew? . . . He's from Kansas city.
PBP Records

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