Friday, February 13, 2009

Friday the 13th

First off I missed Street Cred last week, and it looks like I'm going to have to miss this Sunday . . . although for different reasons . . . I will hit next Sunday, and if I got it right the next Sunday after that.
With that said, I am planning a ride for March called "That was then, this is now".
That was then . . . 13th & McGee

This is now . . . 13th & McGee

You get the concept? What about Electric Park? (45th to 47th, the Paseo to Woodland Avenue). Probably not since it closed in 1925.
That was then!
This . . . is . . . . Gates? . . . . Smokes! That's a bit of a change.

. . . Oh what will we find?


dmar836 said...

I've been obsessed finding a shot of the old board track on the south side. Bendix/Fed buildings are there now.
I grew up in St Louis and I love this kinda stuff - though it saddens me. Maybe I can immagine what it was like. If it's a Sat, and not mandatory fixed, I'm in.

CurbDestroyer Chronicles said...

First in, First out; First Come, First Serve . . . OK Saturday it is, but which one?

dmar836 said...

The warmest one!

Meetzorp said...

I'd be interested in a History Ride like that.