Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Ass . . . embled

Have you had enough of this bike yet? I know I have. I thought I post pics of the bike assembled.

Plenty of seatstay tire clearance.

Chainstay clearance is right at tolerance. I still might dimple them to give some more clearance. Good this it's painted with Krylon.
More than enough rotor clearance.

Too much crank clearance. That's because I could only find a 120mm spindle instead of 110.

But will bringing the crank in 5mm cause a problem with the granny/Chainstay clearance? . . . I did mention I was going to dimple the chainstays right?

The disc tab is in order.

Downtubes . . . that's right plural . . . tubes!

Midwest Cyclery . . . Where the magic happens. Well at least all the facing, chasing, aligning, and checking. I should have made that a blog entry, maybe next time.

Just enough fork clearance. Like I said, I might have gotten lucky by not being able to get 3.0" tires.


dmar836 said...

Looks cool! How do those brakes work?
Would that front tire filling with mud cause a problem?
Nice work. That thing looks mean!

eforendo said...

Now What?!??

Anonymous said...