Saturday, August 1, 2009

Week 2

Well Week 2 of Base is in the books. I'm also bringing back weight lifting slowly. I hurt my back . . . again trying to lift weight I can't totally control. I always get away with it for a while, but then I get caught. So what did I do? I'm not sure. I twisted my back rear squating 245# 8 times.

The 48x15, 75th street brewery ride experiment went pretty good. It exposed the fact that I'm not in shape yet. I had a hard time going up some hills I normally wouldn't.
Also tale tell evidence I'm not in shape is my inability to keep my heart rate in the target zones. For example today (Saturday) I didn't want any time in Zone 4, but I ended up with about 8 minutes in it. It's a start?
Comparing the last 2 weeks.


crusty said...

Haven't I told you bad things happen with back squats? Last time I dispense my quality knowledge with you, dummy!

CurbDestroyer Chronicles said...

Notice I went back to Front Squats there Crusticles. b.t.w. how many "Last Times" are we up to?