Sunday, August 9, 2009

Week 3

Week 3 is in the books. I was planning for 7.5 I didn't get to do the tues. night ride this week like I had planned so that cut down on my time. I'm going to start riding Sundays next week. I commute everyday to work so that why I ride twice a day. then if you count the tues night ride I ride 3 times. 3 times you put your gear on and ride, and 3 times you take it off. Sounds easy enough, but if you do it everyday it kinda gets redundant. especially when it gets cold and you have layers of cloths to put on. So that's why I like giving myself a day off.

I wanted more saddle time, but I've been managing to keep the rides in zone 2 and 3 like I wanted. I have a lot of time in zone 1, but most of that time is accounted for warmup and cool down. When my rides get longer I'll have to keep track of the time inbetween warm up and cool down. I mean you can't really do it in a 30 minute ride, once you get warmed up, it's time to cool down. I also switched back to my commuter bike. It has gears, or what I'm going to start calling the Panic Switch. The reason mostly so I can stay out of zone 4. I don't want to be in zone 4 when I'm putting in my base miles.
Also I'll be designing my Cross Frame this week, so the blog won't be so boring. I mean if your going to race it might help to have a frame right?

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