Sunday, September 6, 2009

Week 7 and the Inner Tube Contraption

This is the Inner tube contraption under construction. Once this gets painted up you will see it at Benetti's Coffee shop in Raytown. It will contain Inner tubes, some basic tools, and a pump. Thanks to the Raytown Post who donated this broken paper box that we are going to recondition. We're not sure exactly how it's all going to work. Since there is no bike shop within miles of Raytown, we've decided it's a good idea to have some simple stuff on hand incase of a break down.

Week 7 in the books. Nothing reallt to note. Saturdays have been simple rides a couple hours long with no real direction other than to just get out and enjoy riding. If you don't get out every once in a while and look around, and enjoy the ride, then what's the point? I'm going to start doing the Lee's Summit Tuesday Night ride. It goes a little long than the 75th street Brewery ride, and with a lot less stop lights. Last week was a good test, a coouple more of these and I might be ready for the first race.

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