Monday, October 5, 2009

The Great Power Outage of 2009

So I made it out to Raytown BMX . Here are some picture of the first straight. There are more on the Raytown BMX site.

The gate. Nice hydraulic lift. Back in my day we had to have some guy lift the gate back up. I mean we thought it was cool when we had an electronic latch.

Here's a good view of the first straight away. Here we go . . . "Back in my day" . . . Well it's true back in my day a first straight away usually had jumps you could not pedal over. The trick is now to be flexable enough to perform this act. Now I know why eveybody hase their seats down really low. I took mine in the chest a couple times on some of the jumps.

This is the first turn. It's almost exactly like the other two. I've ask people what they thought about making a dirt velodrome. I either get no answer or the "What! . . . I didn't order a pizza." look.

Here is proof it would not be that hard to build an oval with banked turns.

AND! it was coming out of that turn I suffer a power outage.

This happened before I could get any pictures of myself riding on the track. Well My better luck later this week.

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