Saturday, May 1, 2010

Gunn City and Old Drum

Geez . . . Only been talking about this ride for....?...Years? I decided to start this ride from Doozen's Coffee at 147th/150 and Ward Rd. in Lee's Summit. I got there about 6:45am anticipating they would open early like most coffee shops.
They open on Satudays at 8am. Oh well. I had a couple cups on my way there.

I think it sprinkled, or rained lightly the whole time. Nothing Major. To a lot of us, it would be considered perfect conditions. This is the view of Ward Road just beginning.

Doozens Coffee 147th/150 and Ward Rd.
Ward Rd. (South) 0 mi
155th (West) 1.5 mi
Prairie Lane (South) 2.5 mi
203 (East) 8.5 Mi

P/Jefferson Prkwy (South) 12.5 Mi . . . Who knew?

227 (East) 15.5 Mi

Airport Road (South) 20.5 Mi
This is Airport Road This is pretty much the condtion of all the roads for the next 20 miles.

Nice Slop

Just cruising down the road...The rain has picked up a bit.

***Airport Road Bridge ***
Are you familiar with Bridge Hunter? I find it really interesting. You can look for old bridges in your area, and maybe post a few pictures. Tracked, and caught

245 (East) 22.5 Mi
243 (East)
***East Lynne 24.0 Mi
The community was named for a novel

Not a lot going on here. I suspect a lot of people gust sleeping in on a quiet rainy Saturday morning. It was unnaturally quiet and peaceful.

I was expecting East Lynne to look like Freeman Missouri . There were only two buildings I saw that had that 1800's look like the country store above, Not like the City Hall below.

***Camp Creek 243rd Street Bridge 25.0 mi

Route M (East)
***Gunn City 28.0 Mi ****

Gunn City, It's more of a villiage, more than a City. Rather than reinvent the wheel about Gunn City, Click the link below and it will take you to the history I found about Gunn City.
How about Mike's Used Cars? Need a car at 6am, Mike's Gott'em.

After taking this photo I left Gunn City, only to be past by a bunch of guys in a truck staring at me, then I had another truck drive up beside me and give me a stare, then drive on past and turn around, then the first truck the past me, came back past me. If you read the history link, or google "Gunn City Missouri, Bloody Bonds, you will understand these are people not the be triffled with. It all just makes me wonder if they were not sent out to make sure I leave town. Who knows?
Gunn City Road (East)
Old Drum (East) 32.5 Mi
***Old Drum is still buried at Old Drum Rd. and 239th St. 30.0 Mi

***Old Drum Road Bridge Pieces***

The New Old Drum Bridge

233 (East) 34.0 Mi
Hadsell (North) 34.5 Mi
This Hadsell road. This was the worst road on the trip.

. . . . and this is why. 4 miles of 6Mph to 8Mph at 173 Beats per Minute. You will be riding, and you rear tire will slide down the grade. Basically your rding sideways . . . If you in a pinch to make up time, this road is not a good discovery . . . especially with 28c Conti Road Tires. . . . Yes that's an Avocet 40 that still works. I suspect I got it around 1990. . . . I also still have my Avocet 30!

58 Hiway. I was in a pinch to make up time from all my explortion. Now it's 58 all the way back. I was surprised it didn't have more traffic. I've taken it from Stasburg to Kingsville a couple times.
Also this is Crawford Bridge. 58 has many of these bridges on it.
Strasburg 136 people . . . . No . . . 137 People.

Like I said I took 58 back to the coffee shop, one way or the other. The trip ended up to be about 63 miles. I still finished a little over 4 hours. not bad considering the conditions, as well as make picture stops.
Doozen's . . . It's lot like JP's in Lee's Summit. I was in a hurry so I didn't get to settle in too much. I got a the house blend and a few scones. They were good. I've been at coffee shops a lot worse. Ill put it into the rotaion if I'm out that way again. They might ask what could they do it improve. I think a coffee shop's character comes from the character of the customers . . . It's rain tree lake; not westport, or cross roads. But then I was the only one there. I really liked the outside patio. It looks like good place to hang out on a nice day, or night.

I should have gotten some picture of the inside, but like I said it was a lot like JP's.


dmar836 said...

Great ride! Thanks for posting. I really need to build up a fendered bike!

Sara Daniels said...

I grew up here in the village of Gunn City. It was a pleasure to see someone explore and write a blog on it. I live on Blank St, try to explain that, to live on Blank st in Gunn City. When someone asks for my address I know I have to explain.

CurbDestroyer Chronicles said...

I do a lot of riding. I always wonder how some streets got their name. Why did someone name a street "Blank"? The cass county website used to have the Gunn City history, but for some reason they removed it.