Sunday, May 9, 2010

A morning at Swope Park Trails

Rode the last two mornings at Swope Park Trails, in Swope park. Here is the enterance. You might be confused if you have never ridden Swope Park trails. While at the same time it's the enterance, there is also a sign that says, "Trespassing Prohibited". Mmmmm Jumbo Shrimp?

I like the maps, and direction signs on the course. Rancho D-lux or WudChuck Run? I always go Rancho first, then hit WudChuck on the way back.

What's a WudChuck. In short the WudChucks are a team of Expert MTB racers here in Kansas City, that are involved in all facets of the Kansas City, MTB experience. Chances are if your riding a trail in Kansas City, Your benefiting from there sweat and tears. Most noteably Scott Capstack, and Craig Stoeltzing. There are more people involved, and deserve aknowledgment, but those two are the one's who got these trails developed and off the group. If you notice of the Swope Trails site. They are the "Trail Hermits".
Ohhhh here's the map.

This is a cool little rock tile part of the Rancho -D-Lux.

It should take you about 10 minutes to get to this point, you can go back WudChuck, or keep going to "8 Pin -Alley".

Keep left for Rancho, or right for WudChuck.


XXX . . . It's not that bad if your familiar with it. I wouldn't recommend just charging down it sight-unseen.

Ahhh . . . There's the danger . . . The Cat of Caerbannorg . . . Huge Sharp, Pointy Teeth!

Why is it called 8-Pin Alley . . . Don't know . . . Kind of a pain, . . . a little technical.

a lot of root and rock formations like this you have to ride over.

on the way back you can enjoy the part where the trail goes between the hugh rocks.

or to the side.


All in all I think it's kind of a techical course. You just have to watch out for some of the rocky sections. I tend to push the course's integrity. I've hit the deck out here a couple of times on the rocks. It's not pleasant. For the most part it's rocks, and not dirt. It's not forgiving. I hit a rock with my front tire plowing throw a rock garden, punctured my front tire, and here are the results.
Yep . . . That's gonna leave a mark!

You want to ride fast on the rocks? Be prepared for the consequences. This made the last 2 miless of the ride exponentionaly harder.
Next time I'm going to be wearing one of these. A Six-Six-One Presure Suit.


Chasm said...

gross! awesome!

i never rode swope when i was in KC and im still kicking myself for it. maybe some day...

Rasta Rider said...

8 pins got it's name from an unfortunate rock run-in by scott capstack. took 8-pins to get his hand back together.

dmar836 said...

Stitches I hope?

One Eyed z said...

Capstack crashed in 8 Pin Alley & broke his hand. The Doctors put 8 pins in it. hence the name.
Nice photo shots of the trail.
Nice elbow too

Anonymous said...

Are you r5?

wunnspeed said...

OUCH!!! O.K., we win together! Call it a tie.