Friday, July 23, 2010

Cinelli Clipless Pedals

Cinelli designed and put into production the first clipless pedal back in 1970. I guess Some people are just ahead of their time. For some reason it took another 15 years for this concept to catch on. Much like shimano with the cassette rear hub, and Vitus and the integrated headset.

I will say they are probably not the easiest pedal to get in and out of. They slide in and out easy enough, they just don't have a lot of play, so you would have to be dead on. I suspect a lot of people found it easier to slide the shoe in, then lace you their shoes.

The pedal looks a lot like a speedplay . . . only in an anti-lollypop kind'a way

The cleat slides in the slots.

Then when the cleat is in postion, you slide the slide in, then a pin comes up locking the cleat in. They used to call these pedals death traps, because you were not coming out of them once locked in. Then if you were like most of us, and used Campagnolo record pedals, you probably used two Alfredo Binda straps per pedal . . like you were getting out of that configuration either.

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What a great post!! Thanks!! Great photos!

My impression is that these were track cleats, for professional riders, who probably ha. 'handlers' who could attach them to their bike. And at that kind and level (or banked! hahaha) of racing, one would not want to ever become unattached to ones pedals!!