Friday, October 29, 2010

The Plan . . . Gravel Bike

The plan was to build a new road bike, but now I'm going to build a bike to race on gravel roads. Such as the Dirty Kanza
and here is a couple more links, and if your interested might lead you to more links.

Also I'm trying to build it up all made in the USA. Which isn't got to be possible. So I'm oushing made in the USA as far as I can, then going with USA companies. So as far as shifting goes, that kinda narrows it down to SRAM

Shifters/Brake Levers,& Deraileurs

Stem, Seat post, & Seat Clamp

I've also been working on the geometry. A lot of different ideas out there. For instance where you should have your knee in relation to your pedal axle at 3 o'clock. So say optimize for 3 o'clock, and some say opimize for the whole pedal stroke, not just 3 o'clock. Which is the camp I'm in. Bernard Hinault has/had a book that talked a lot about this. Sure the book is 20 years old, but think his argument is valid even though we are in the computer age. I think a lot of people try to dazzle you with over complication of the simple.

Hopefully after this weekend I'll have it all figured out, so you can all follow along.

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