Thursday, December 9, 2010

A Great Trio

A Great Trio

Here's a trio. I can't get enough of this trio. I think it's driven mostly by the Shatta. It's been my experience anything with Shatta is better. I've read a lot of review and it's not only my opinion that it's make everything happy . . . and it's made local KCMO.

1. Annie's Mac & Cheese.
Yea Annie's costs a little less than x3 what you pay for the Blue Box, but I feel it's a quality product. For .57 cents a box what are the big corps feeding you?

2. Yummy's Shatta. It's basically a Jalapeno relish, and it's basically basic; Jalapenos, Olive Oil, Walnuts, Garlic, Salt, & Herbs. That's it.

3. Wild Planet Tuna. Omega 3's, Less Mercury, and no BPA.

. . . and there you have it

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