Sunday, December 12, 2010

Run of the mill, or not?

I guess commuting back and forth everyday by bicycle can be considered run of the mill, but the details always seem to change so I guess it's never run of the mill. I guess that's why we ride. To me morning are alway interesting to the senses. You might ride through a neighborhood and smell bacon cooking, the scent of fabric softner from the exaust of someone's dryer; see how the change of seasons and the way the light dilutes or saturates the things around us; feel the warming enbrace of the summer riding season air around you, and the feel the crispness fall and winter. If you drive a car to work everyday, this is just a small percent of what your missing.

Since I ride to work. It's always a challenge to think of things to bring to eat. Especially since I don't use a microwave, and haven't for probably 5 or more years. That's right folks, I don't own a microwave. Some thing just wrong to me about "Nuked Food". Any who, my wife bought me some of this the other day

My Vega shake and go smoothie. I understand it was developed by the guy Brandon Brazier who is a vegan Triathlete. While I'm not vega, I can appreciate anything that is nutricianal, and fast. While it's basically plant protein, you can add it to your recovery concoction. I think the recovery ratio is 4:1 Carbs to protein. This is a ggod way to find the protein. . . . It'a lot better than a tuna shake.

The other day I got the rollers out to give them a spin. Usually the view of my front tire is obstructed by the down tube, not today. There are many reasons it could be out of alignment. Doesn't matter, I have to fix it. This is my aligment device
Basically slide the Bottom Bracket over this, lock down the rear dropouts to that device (pictured in the first picture), and get to tweaking.

One way to check alignment is to use the string test. One test is where you tie a string to one the the rear dropouts, loop it around the head tube, then back to the other dropout. By doing this you can measure to see how far way the string passes both side of the seat tube. Looks like the left side is at roughly 1-11/16"

This is . . . not so much. about 1". So my rear end is bent over about 3/4" to the left . . . 3/4" is this a joke?
So with a little maniulation. I got both sides to measure 1-1/4".

and the right 1-1/4". another test was to see if the front triangle was twisted. I check to see if the head tube and seat tube both ran parallel, they did.
Rode the rollers this morning. And it worked. I'm very happy. As you can imagine they were a lot easier to ride.
Run of The Mill
"The ordinary, basic article, with no decoration or augmentation".

But for a clearer meaning of the phrase and origin, visit this site.

I think there is a distinction that doesn't get covered. I think using the phrase in the context of, What's going on now, is using the phrase with more precision. for instance you want to get your frame painted, and today at the factory they have the machines setup to paint red. In this case red would be a "run of the mill" color.

The question is . . . Are you "Run of the mill"? Are you going to stive for something we all have deep inside, or let it vanish?

What have you achieved now you're old
Did you fulfill ambition, do as you were told
Or are you still doing the same this year
Should I give sorrow, or turn 'round and sneer

I know that the prospects weren't all that good
But they improved, and I'd have thought that you could
Have strived for that something we all have deep inside
Not let it vanish, along with your pride

Now with the aid of your new walking stick
You hobble along through society thick
And look mesmerized by the face of it all
You keep to the gutter in case you fall

I can't go on
I can't go on
I can't go on
I can't go on

I, I, I, I...

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