Monday, December 13, 2010

Warm Feet?

Looks like it's 5 degrees outside and I'm looking at a 40 minute bike ride. The coldest I've ridden is 5 below zero (-5). Which just happens to be he coldest I can remember it being around here in the past 5 years or so.

It's not a problem, Dress right and I bet when I arrive to work I'm warmer than people who drove to work. like I tell them, "The heat is in the pedals". You want heat? Crank it up, literally.
Odds are the warmest your feet are going to be is the temperature they are when you leave. After that it's a matter of time till they get cold. Now you have to create a statagy so it takes a long time for this to happen.
This is my new shoe strategy. I put on a pair of Surly wool socks, then I'll put on a pair of Sugoi Resistor Socks. Then I'll slide on that big wool hunting sock, then slide that into those Lake winter riding boots.This is over kill. I could have gone without the hunting socks. If it's 20 degrees I'll ride with wearing the hunting socks inside the boot and I'm ok for 45 minutes.
If you commute everyday to work these shoes by Lake are worth the investment. I've had them for 5 years, and they show little signs of wear. And they are a lot easier than booties to put on, plus they have the BOA system so you can tighten, or loosen you shoe after you start riding, some I hate about wearing booties. Some days it's 20 in the morning, and 50 on the ride home, so you have to wear booties.
It was 20 on the way home this evening so I just wore the surly socks inside the sugoi Resistor socks. They were plenty toasty. This is why I think I could have ditched the hunting socks.
One mistake you can make is to over do the socks and make it tight inside the shoe and cut down on circulation. My shoes were ordered a 1/2 size big to make room for big hunting socks or whatever. I like the big hunting socks because they are thick and they insulate you from the shoe, and the wool breaths and allows heat to circulate.
I've only used the Sugoi Resistor socks for cold races inside my regular racing shoes. They made my feet sweat, and in the cold, sweaty feet are cold feet. So then I got the idea to wear socks inside them. This combination worked really good tonight, and I think my feet would have been warmer this morning with this combination (Minus the hunting socks) because of the added room. I'm not sure why I didn't think of wearing socks inside them, but I'm glad I did. after 40 minutes in 20 degree weather my feet felt perfect, not cold at all.

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