Monday, January 3, 2011

Swope and Elevations

Blue River Road from Gregory to Blue Ridge is a good place to get your winter fixed gear training on. It's about 8 miles, so that's 16 miles out & back. A couple out backs and you can get a good workout. Sure there are flatter places to ride, but the road is generally tree line and the elevation is low it cuts down on the wind if there is any.

Once again Swope reveals itself. Every now and then you will see brick walls, foundations, or in this case, a case of stairs going no place. The park is full of these curiousities.

However it seems at least once a year section of Blue River is closed because the ground underneither the road gives way. I suspect it has something to do with the road running parallel to the river.

I didn't think the first picture gave you a good look at how much the road actualy gave.

At least the thickness of a couple layers of road.

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