Sunday, March 6, 2011

Gas Bikes and Bowling

Soon we will be saying, "Oh remember the days when gas was only $3.29 a gallon".

Money injection anybody? . . . Naa I'll save it, Uhmm No maybe I'd better spend it while a dollar is still worth a dollar . . . whatever that is . . . Well in 1933 1oz of gold was $20, now 1oz is worth $1400 . . . so the dollar buy 70 times less than it did in 1933 . . . just say'n
Ahhhh the day has finally arrived Brews, Bikes, Beers, and Bowling. So how did it turn out?
The first person I saw at Benetti's was Kent, and to my surprise he didn't have his bike. And from here the dominos of ineptitude would fall.

1 No Show, 1 Late Show, 1 lost, 1 No Bike +"Guacamolian". Ye Abandon All Hope of a ride, salvage what you got.

So we drove to Rhienlands to meet the other two. No not "The Other Two" . . . Bob and Boss man. So that made 4-3/8 or 4-1/2 of us.

Now that's a . . . ? . . . "Maß" of beer.

The special was special. Some would have called it Comfort Food. We called it flavor from another dimension.

Across the street is Diamond Bowl.

I can't say our experience turned into The Big Lebowski or anything. However I see the "You Are Entering a World of Pain" in my future.

8 lanes under 4 big screens. That's Bob tearing up the alley. Believe it or not you need reservations on the weekends. The place was packed and jumping.


The scores . . . Ahhh Scores, Schmores; lets talk Mph. What's this finese business of toppling over pins? My strategy was simple, blow the pins out. A good time was had by all. So good infact were thinking about doing it again in the near future and not waiting for another year to go by.

So what's next? . . .
With the Gentlemens race getting canceled. Looks like the 200km (128mile) Brevet is a possibility
Also a ride to Rayville (45 Miles NorthEast of Kansas City) to VanTill Farms is a possibility.

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