Saturday, March 12, 2011

Moving Wood and Trouble Comes Bundled in 3's

Not this wood

This wood.

My fellow BMX Brigaders needed some ramps moved from here to The KC Indoor Skate Park.

The was mission masterminded by Dennis McCoy. Not only did he organize the move, but also decided to test the integrity for the rule; trouble comes in threes.

No.1 smallest dimmension of section of ramp is 8'-0"

Ryder said over the phone the trucks were 8"-6" wide. Taking them for their word Dennis arrived with the truck 7'-10" wide. They said he must have gotten a new truck, and it was the older trucks that were 8"-6" wide. Returned truck only to find out they are all this way. I suspect the 8"-6" is the inside width and not the doorway width.

No.2 At first I thought he fell in a sink hole, but I guess the lid wasn't on square when Dennis stepped on it, and fell into the meter pit up to his knee.

No.3 Since the entire day was dependent on having the truck, instead of getting nothing done we spend the time getting things prepared to make the move more streamlined. This is where no.3 comes in as Dennis gets stung by a bee. . . . and why not? . . . Bee rhymes with Three.
Well now if nothing else we have things in a better position for the potential move . . . . to be continued.

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