Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Head Tube Details and Such

Before I build the CX frame. I still have a few ideas I need to run through the mill. In the 80's Voris Dixon Company built frames that looked a lot like this. A clunky, primative, look where the 1-1/4" head tube goes through both a 1-3/8" top tube and a 1-3/8" down tube.

However mine differs in that the 1-1/4"top tube and the 1-1/4" head tube are going to be the same dia. . . . obviously . . . It will sport a 1-3/8" down tube though.

I should be starting this project Friday. I'll be using straight gauge 4130. So I might be . . . will be throwing in a few curves.

So who knows what's going to happen. I like to experiement and usually have a method behind the madness, rather than to do things just to be different and fall into the . . . .

. . . The Hipster Trap of sorts. However I'll partially fail because I do like PBR. I don't mean to bag on the "Hipsters" . . . I like most of them, except maybe some that come off a little too hip

. . . Riiiiight.

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