Thursday, April 7, 2011

SeatTube, DownTube, and Bottom Bracket

The SeatTube and Bottom Bracket fluxed up and ready to go. This is where I always start. I wish it came last since it's the most challenging. Not only are 3 tubes coming together, but the Bottom Bracket is thicker so it holds the heat a little different. I did some practice earlier this week, so hopfully I hit my stride.
This is the first Time I'm using Cycle Design Flux and brass, and after getting this joint done I have to say it's everything they say it is. It flows at a lower temperature, and it flows better.
It's not perfect, but this is the best I've ever done. I mean that in terms of the file and sanding work that I'll need to do to clean it up.
I needed 56.9 degrees, and I have 56.9 degrees. Now to add the head and down tube.

Oh yea one tiny, tiny tiny, thing. This is the view looking down the seat tube. That orange thing is the fixed cup. Yea it's on the wrong side. OHHHHHHH SO MUCH RAGE! I thought I check it 3 times. I can salvage the seat tube because it's too long and I can just cut it off. The BB is obviously hosed and so is that perfectly mitered down tube. I guess back to the store to get another tube. Lucky for me I have another Bottom Bracket . . . Right "lucky".

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