Friday, April 8, 2011

Oh Those Bottom Brackets

Well Like some people suggested, can you just heat it up and pull it apart. With nothing to loose I said "Lets find out".

The short answer is...Maybe. I cut off the seat tube, then heated up the downtube/bottom bracket joint. I was able to pull it out, only thing is I moved it side to side to detect if was loose ...

...and crimped the bottom of the tube because the heat softened both metals. I think with some patience and two people you might be able to pull the tube straight out, but I would think you would still have to shorten it a wee bit reguardless, no to mention the structural integrity. After doing the math if I wanted to re-use this tube I'd have to shorten the top tube 2cm from 55cm to 53cm ... Nope. It's is just an experiement. The seat ube was 6" longer than I needed, so I can re-use that. The bottom bracket?...For $6 for a new one, I think I'll spare myself the work of cleaning it up, and just use a new one.

For those unfamiliar with a bottom bracket. The left or non-drive side is right hand thread, and the right side or drive side is left hand thread. The left side of the bottom bracket does not have a ridge, while the right side has a ridge. I'm not sure how I got it reversed. What's done is done.

It's deja vu all over again.

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