Tuesday, June 14, 2011

It's Done

There you have it all built up.

A side view of the chainstays.

. . . and just enough clearance. So far these chainstays have performed beyond my expectations.

Plenty of tire, chainring, and crank clearance . . . your just going to have to trust me on the crank clearance.

The pulley do-dad.

Functionlity I give it an "A". Looks I give it "C". I wasn't very imaginative when a made that cable stop tab. However the cable guide before the stop is something I added to insure the cable leaves the housing straight. Many will say it doesn't need it, but I've noticed many times when you take the housing end off (That silver cap on the end of the black cable) it's notched from the cable rubbing the side of the hole. Also sometimes you will feel the stranded wires rubbing on that stop. This prevents all that. assuming the cable stop and the yoke are parallel.

A shot of the paint brass in the sun's glare. The new brass and flux from Cycles Design USA made for the smoothest joints I've built.

It's a HammerHead. I've found most cyclists don't like it; but everybody at work, who are not cyclist, liked it. What's that tell you? I don't know, might think about it later if I think about it.

Finally it was time to ease on into a bag of Benetti's Silhouette Series #1. I give it a thumbs up.

Here's their description.

"Goal: #1 is the first in our Silhouette Series: a darker coffee experience. In this series, we wil be offering up a few different blends that are targeted toward those who enjoy the attributes of a darker roasted coffee.

What To Expect: Baker's cocoa up front, cranberry sweetness and hints of jasmine, with the deceptively dry, sweet finish of applewood smoke. This blend is also worth trying with just a little cream."

I've been drinking the darker roasts lately, and this did not disappoint.

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