Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Little Blue Trace "Mixed Terrain" Grinder

Little Blue Trace "Mixed Terrain" Grinder

When: July, 16th 7:30am

How Long: 40+miles or about 2.5 to 3 hours

Where: Little Blue Trace Trailhead at the bottom of Lee's Summit Road (From 40 Hiway) and Phelps Road Ends. You can probably park at the trailhead, or park up the hill at CVS (40Hiway& Lee's Summit Road) and coast down the hill.

What: It a Mixed Terrain ride. I'm riding my CX bike with treaded 32cc touring tires. Most of the offical 15 mile trail is pea gravel. some of it's paved, some of it's dirt.

What's the purpose of this ride? It basically a Base mile training ride.

Why can't you add, 15 miles out, and 15 miles back equals 30 miles? Once we reach the BlueMills trailhead we are going to ride to some "Bonus miles".

Should I be Scared? Not really. I don't anticipate any repelling.

What if I'm still scared?

Well Maybe playing with balloons is more to your liking?

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