Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Saturday Ride Report and the Zeke Ride.

Zeke's frame is here, some minor assembly required. I suspect I'll get started on this Saturday. He's up at Ragbrai I need to straighten up my garage first. I think my garage got trashed more when I painted the last frame more than it got when I was cutting and welding it.

Saturday morning started with a brisk 3 miles ride to the trail head, then....

...15 miles of this pea gravel trail to Blue Mills. It's just west of Buckner.

Once we got to Blue Mills, we took some roads to Atherton. Atheton is just west of Sibley. I don't remember seeing a car on the roads up thier. Flat and wide open in the heartland.

Then we took some more roads to the Missouri River. For me It wound up being about a 55 mile trip. I know Crusty and G rode to the trailhead from thier houses and it wound up being about 75 for them.

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