Monday, October 24, 2011

Gunn City Gravel Grinder

Here are a few of the picture from this weekend's 60 mile Gravel Grinder from Lee's Summit, to Gunn City, to East Lynne, and back.
I like these kind of bike rides. The ride started at 9am and we got back at around 1pm. It was a nice fall day in what they call God's Country. I believe the first settlers to this land called this place (South of Holden)the prairie land. A lot of people don't get the "Bike Thing", and often associate it with racing, and training. Let's first make the distinction between racing, and touring/randonneuring. Where racing has one winner, in touring/randonneuring everybody is a winner. What you win can only be experienced on a bicycle. In my opinon car's move too fast for you to absorb the details of the landscapes, and walking is too slow. First and foremost I like to experience a ride starting in the morning, then viewing the landscapes as the day transitions from morning to afternoon to evening.

I guess it's a form of meditation. I used to ride with music, but then I realized I wasn't really listening, because I was concerned more with my own thoughts. I haven't ridden with music in a very long time.

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