Tuesday, November 8, 2011

So Far, So So

What's the old saying? So far so good so what? I'm really draging this project out. The problem is having 3 or 4 hours of non-interupted time. That seems hard to come by these days. Well I guess I could not just sleep?...mmmMMmmm maybe not. I think I'm still feeling the effects from the last frame from days on end of 3 to 4 hours nap a night. Also I'm going to build a Gravel Frame...Again. But this time not out of straight guage 4130. After feeling how light this frame is building up, and how stiff the heat treated tubes must be, it just must be.

I had a small problem with the block that is supposed to hold the head tube. It's not right, or maybe it's a little left, and when you remove something that's not right, that leaves you this, which is what's left.....Right? What it is, is a big pain in the arse. Sliding an indicating the blocks was no easy task. The first setup I was 0.2 degree off, and had to slide the down tube up, which meant putting the seat tube back in block to make sure everything is coplanar, or is that triplanar?

Just in case your wondering. The seat tube and head tube are in the same plane. Before this picture I put the down tube clamps on when the seat tube was clamped, so the when I moved the down tube down, the seat tube would stay in the same plane or parallel to the Jig/Plate.

This is what the bottom bracket looks like so far, better picures to come.

This is my Henry James, head tube modification. All a jig does is hold the tubes so you can tack them together. The actual brazing is done in the bike stand. So were all good.

Cat Napper

Looking over the railroad yard under Gladstone Blvd Yesterday. I think it was about 55. It won't be long before the high is going to be 22, so I say get the road mile in while you can.

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