Sunday, October 2, 2011

Tanks, but no Tanks

Been busys doing family things & stuff, however I did find time to .....

....race last weekend. I was running about 4th or fifth before I cashed it in because of a mechanical problem with my front wheel...Oh well. The Cyclocross season has just started.

...mean while back at the ranch, I tighten up all the miters, and were ready to braze together the front triangle. However I notice I don't have any Gas (Insert Joke Here). So I'm going to have to re-fill the tanks this week.

Once you get a tube mitered pretty tight, it's hard to tell were to hit it with the file. Once I get it down, I color the tubing miter face with a permanent sharpie.

Then I wrap the head tube in 400 grit sand paper, and move the head tube back & forth to see where it removes the ink. Where it removes the ink are the high parts, and where it doesn't, are the low parts.

as you can see the headtube is craddled nicely in the miters of the downtube and toptube.


dmar836 said...

So how is the dual chainstay working out?

CurbDestroyer Chronicles said...

The duel chainstay is working great for me. I'm a light weight though. They don't flex. They do what they are supossed to do. Give loads of clearance, and remain stiff. I'd do it again.