Sunday, June 24, 2012

Front Triangle is done

The front triangle is done...well sorta.  I still have some sanding to do and a few brazes-ons. I'm still thinking about if I want it to a be a Cross bike or a road bike. Since this frame is not exactly the geometry I want. Since it's 72.3 head angle and 72.5 seat angle it can go either way. Sure the head angle is laid back, but I like it. I've lost more races because I've crashed, rather than my bike didn't handle fast enough.  So I tend to go for stability when I have to make a choice.
The bottome bracket turned out best. It's the hardest one to get right since you have 3 different size tubes, and the bottom bracket is a lot thicker, so it handle heat different than the other tubes. it heats up slower, and it cools down slower. but there you have it.
The head tube. I've still got some sanding and a few fixes. Other than cosmetic features I don;t have any concerns.

The top tube seat tube. I didn't this last and it shows. Too bad I don't do more. I wonder how go I could get if I did this everyday? Well next the chainstays. This is where I have to commit. While this frame's front triangle has a geoptry that stradles the fence, the chainstay either have to be 410mm'ish for road, or 430mm'ish for Cyclocross.

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