Sunday, July 8, 2012

The dropouts and here to chainstay.

Getting ready chainstays ready to braze on the front triangle. If you remember from way back I showed the assembly .

Here is what the miter on the bottom brack side looks like. They are positioned 7mm from the end of the bottom bracket, then angle back at about 8 degrees.

I made the decision to cut off the rack and fender mounts. It's going to be a road bike on the racing side, so I don't have room for real fenders, and I already have a bike that has racks on it.
There is a little bit of a seam. I'm not sure why it's there. I filed it to mate up square, but there is that silver ring. The good new is everybody example I've seen like this has the ring.

You have to Silver braze stainless.You have to make a ring of silver, then put it on top the plug, the put the plug in the tube, heat up the tube where the top of the plug is inside the tube till the silver runs out between the bottom of the tube, and the lip of the plug.

There you have it.

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