Thursday, July 26, 2012

Form of......a Diamond

 I've got the rear triangle connected to the front triangle. Here are picture of how the plug type dropouts work. First you make sure there is a tight fit between the plug and inside of the tube. Not to loose and not too tight, just enough so melted silver can take up the space and glue it in place pretty much.

Here is a picture of the silver ring.

 Then you slide it inside the tube, then you heat it up till you see a ring of silver where the dropout and tube meets. For some reason I didn't get a picture of that, but it would look exactly like the chainstay.

Mitering the seatsays to the seat tube is a thankless job, or maybe one that is a lot more demanding than would appear. The trick is to get them both mirror image of each other, and the exactly same length. I've seen mitering fixture for around $1000. If you do this professionally it's worth well over that.

Here they are joined and ready to filing and sanding. not too much to do here.

The bottom bracket area still needs a little work. I didn't get any good pictures. This is the best I have. I put a wheel in and it's spot on. I went over this meticuliously and I got what I wanted.

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