Sunday, October 28, 2012

Raytown BMX

Got out to Raytown BMX the other week. The new paved turns peaked my curiousity. I'm not sure what to think. I think BMX should be on dirt, but I guess I'm not everybody. The start is a paved, and all the turns are paved,

This is a look at the exit of the second turn. It's not smooth as I was expecting, the berm is rough, and why shouldn't it be? I mean this is BMX right?

The 3rd straight will be soon home to a "Pro" section to the left, right now it's in an experimental stage as I'm told.

I even broke out the old school toolbox. I suspect it's about 30+ years old...Yikes. Notice it's got a Bicycle Motocross Action sticker on it. Not long after they just became known as "BMXA". And you thought this whole acronym was a new this. I guess they were a little ahead of the curve, although back then they were not paved corners...just say'n.

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