Sunday, November 4, 2012

Time for I ride I guess

It's always nice to know when you go on a bike ride you are in a food safe temperature zone.

Time to break out old trusty. Sure I have 5 or so bikes I've built myself, but none with fenders. One day I'll have to build a day.

I find it hard to start a ride without a Benetti's Espresso and a Pumkin bar. I mean why not? I have 4+ hours of riding today.

 It's Halloween, What better place to ride than down Adams Cemetery road on the other side of  Lake Lotawana. Nothing going on but the sound of demented goats. That's a fact! ...and that fact could make it a little spooky at night.

It was a nice day for 56 miles in the prairie lands east of Kansas City. If you have taken a day or half day to go ride. you might want to get out there before it's too late.

Well back to the shop. So what's up my sleeve on this fix. The sleeve of course...and we need to sleeve of course, to get on course. This is the sleeve before it was fluxed and tacked. For some reason those picture didn't come out. The trick is Brass flux and brass don't stick to stainless clamps. I'm also using brass because I'm going to sweat the sleeve on the set tube with silver. Since silver has a lower melting point, my sleeve won't come apart.
Here you go, right out of the flame. Time for a soak, mild filing, and a sanding. 

There you have it. Not bad for a first timer. under the paint you might not see it. We will see. Next time I think I'll just use a .058" thick 1-1/4" tube. Oh wait...yes what "Next Time". 
I decided to get a little crafty and give it a little shape. The hole will allow more access for silver to flow in the sleeve. I might add a few more, but maybe not the way this frame has been going.

As you can see I'm going with a Thomson seat post clamp. It's will go with the Stem and post. We will see how it goes though. I still might braze something on...because that's how I am.

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