Monday, March 18, 2013

Finally Some Paint

After days, maybe even months of indecision about how and what to paint the frame with I decided just to paint the frame with spray paint. I was going to spend the money and get it powder coated but there are still somethings I still don't like about it. In otherwords I don't want this frame to showcase or be representitive of my work. I figure the $150+ dollars would be better spent on another tubeset.


I didn't build a fork. Mostly because I picked up this new Kesteral fork for $45 and I was done with it. It's hard to beat that.

The frame was primed and sanded with Rustoleum primer, then painted with Rustoleum  high performance, blue. The blue finish turned out to be more orange peel texture than gloss. The white is Krylon Gloss, it's turned out pretty well considering it's spray paint. Of the two Krylon has always turned out best.

On the scale of 1 to 10 I'm talking about 3 on the blue, and 5 on the white. Either way hardly anything to crow about, but this info is here none the less. I'll have some more detailed photos soon

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