Thursday, April 22, 2010

Here comes the rain

Well I got to ride the trails about 6 more times than I did last year. I got 8 minuts into the ride this morning, just enought time to get a flat tire, and get rained on. Who know I might be running if it rains like it did last year. I went back and did the mile again. I ran it in 6 minutes. Yep not 6:01, or 5:59. I could have ran a bit faster, but not much.
So when is the next race. I was hoping Bluespring BMX would open the season, but it's been rained out as well.
Since this leaves the road. I might have to settle some unfinished business with the Gunn City Ride
Alos it looks like The Renegades of Dirt are going to back to RIM this year. Should be a good time. It;s going to be at Crowder/Trenton/Jamesport/Slash .

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