Saturday, August 28, 2010

B & G

How bout a little spin this morning to go get some B&G? Biscuits and gravy that is. I saw a show on KCPT called "Check Please" the other day and they reviewed the B&G at Corner Cafe in Riverside, Mo. Riverside is a city just north of the river, just west of North Kansas City. Riverside Incorporated on June 21, 1951.

So what's this "Incorporated"/ "Unincorporated"business all about? One way to think of it is, "Incorporated Town" means they have their own city hall; "Unicorporated town" means their city hall is their county's, County Seat. Another way to look at it is, If your in Riverside and call the police, you will call the Riverside Police Dept.; If your in Blue Summit and call the police, you will call the county Sheriff. This explains a lot once you think about it.

Enough of the civics lesson already, lets get going. I decided to go down blueRidge to downtown, across the Chouteau Bridge, go west to the Corner Cafe, then back across Heart of America.

At Blue Ride Blvd. and Sterling is a sign, "No Jake Brakes" . . . . Jake Brakes?

As I understand it, 18 wheelers can use their exaust to slow down their vehicle. It's called a "Compression release engine brake". Jake is a Kind of Compression release engine brake. So in other words Jake is Like the Coke of Compression release engine brakes. They Also tend to be very loud, and that's why some sections of town ban them.

Here is a look at Downtown Kansas City, Misouri off the top of . . .

. . . Blue Ridge Bridge . . .

In the unicorporated town of Blue Summit . . . and not shortly after I took this picture I was past by a County Sheriff's patrol car, and not a Kansas City Police car.
Looking down off the side of the Chouteau Bridge , you can see the base to the original bridge. I guess it's something of a historical marker.

A view from the new Chouteau Bridge of the Sun on the Missouri River

Ahh Just 18 Miles from home and here we are. The Corner Cafe .

I sat down thinking about ordering a large order, sight unseen. The old man next to me said, "Any man who eats a larger order of B&G here is over doing it". I took the advice and got a Medium. It was gone in about 3 minutes. (I could have gone Large, also I should have had some Home-Fries dumped on the top with some Tabasco.) They are very good, they got a little kick to them unlike a lot of other places that server "Biscuits & Wall Paper Paste". Lots of sausage in the gravey. I was expecting a greaser gravey like the now gone Corner Restaraunt in Westport used to sell.

Just out of curiousity I looked around a bit to see how many calories are in a basic order of B&G. I Found anywhere between 550 and 650, and I'm calling B.S. I suspect that is just one Biscuit and not 3 Like I had.

The view of Downtown going down North Oak Trafficway.

Heart Of America. "Share The Road" . . . I'm guessing the Bike Lane is not in yet (click the hyper Link and read and it will make sense)

A view off the side of the Heart of America. Notice again the Bridge Base off to the left.

It looks a lot like this one I found off to the side of the Mosby Bridge on my "Mad Ride". I'm guessing it's the base to the First Hamilton Bridge. I wonder why they keep the bases? I mean it's obvious "They" do.

and finally here is a shot of the ASB Bridge. In Kansas City, We loves Us Some Bridges. All in all it was a good 40 Miles.

If your Wondering I think the Best B&G I ever had, came from Enzo's Bagel Works in Westport. Now that's going back 20+ years,. It my opinion to this day they used to sell the best breakfasts period. Also when you got cream cheese on your bagle, they would give you a slice of cream cheese about 4"x4"x3/8" thick . . . Unreal.

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