Sunday, September 5, 2010

Nova BMX Chainstays

I got my Chainstay in from Nova to finish up on my 24" Cruiser. Why is it everytime I hear the word "Nova", I always think about that story where Chevy goes to sell the Nova to Mexicans and it doesn't do too well because the name "No va" in Spanish means "No Go".

Just in case your wondering here is the link to Snopes where they say the rumor is false.

I've been "No Va ing" my feet on my cruiser because now I want to change to geometry. Since I don't have the chainstays on I can still tweek it a little (Post to Come).

Where the supertherm were round these are oval. Oval works well for me because now I don't have to dimple or bend the stays.

32mm this a way

. . . and 18mm that away.

The next frame I'm going to build will be using the Nova BMX tubset . These tubes are very stiff and light . . . what more do you want?

. . . a Mutant Trumpet? Check this guy out Ben Neill and his Mutant Trumpet. If you think you might like a Ambient/Techno/Jazz search around a bit for this guy. He does some cool music.

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