Wednesday, September 8, 2010

A little CET and DEVO

CET is Cultural Enhancment Tour, and DEVO is, well Devolution.
Got up to Benetti's to meet the boys for a ride downtown, and Lucky Me! they had Indian Monsooned Malabar on tap.

. . . and of course I had to sample the Fresh-Baked Goodies.

We rode downtown Via the Trolley Trail.

Then down to Midwest for some refreshments. I mean after all they did start at Crustys Place, miles from my place.

A picture of me wearing the DEVO helmut.........errrrrr I mean Energy Dome. Pearched upon my de-evolved Fixed Gear bicycle.

What's this Devo Hat Crap all about? Like I've said before. The infrastructure is crumbling down around us. It's not like we are evolving like caterpillars, morphing into butterflys, and we are up high looking down at these crumbling structures like cocoons from which we evolved from. Instead it's like these tall brick and concrete structures are just high water markers, marking the height of better times, and Prosperity.

Maybe I'm wrong, but the evidence before me suggests De-evolution.
Well . . . for a happier review of the ride check Crusty . . . plus I think the Energy Dome did help. I don't have a Power Tap to prove it, but suspect

The bike pile up in front of Grinders. Grinders is always Bike Friendly. Then we rode back to my place. I thought we might have ridden the West Bottoms a bit, but with a 25 mph head wind and 50 Mph gusts on the way back we decided to head back.

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